Wisdom Teeth Removal Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Wisdom Tooth RemovalIf you are a mother, nothing hurts more to see your child in pain due to wisdom teeth. Nothing is in your mind, but to only ease the pain your child is suffering. So, when you have a child that needs dental treatment, our dental services are utmost in your service.

We will provide you with enhanced diagnosis, advanced oral surgery, and unceasing advice to make sure that you have the best dental solution for your concern.

To help you immediately you may now call us at our dental clinic and speak to one of our Thunder Bay dentists.

The Consequence Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Our teeth erupt as we grow. The wisdom teeth are said to be the last polar that appears. It may grow just normally, but when there is no enough room in our jaw, the wisdom teeth tend to grow in a different way or angle. It may grow sideways or backward. It can be trapped under our gums or mandible.Thunder Bay Wisdom Tooth Cost

This trap or impacted tooth can harm our overall dental health. It can allow food particles to accumulate, thereby giving bacteria a place to divide. Once the bacteria got into your gums, it can cause infection not only to your wisdom teeth but also to the neighboring teeth. This is now the presence of tooth decay or gum disease in your mouth. A cyst is rare, but your impacted teeth can form it. Once it was formed, it can hardly damage the bone which holds our teeth.

Our dentist in Thunder Bay does not want this to happen to you or your child, so it is better to remove it before it can cause any dental diseases.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

The general dentistry procedure to be done depends on the position of your wisdom teeth. That is why our local dentist will first diagnose and evaluate your dental situation. If you have a soft tissue covering your wisdom teeth, our dentist will incise a fold to uncover it. Similarly, our dental office team will also cut a part in your gum to uncover the fully impacted tooth. Aside from that, our dentist will meticulously skim along your jawbone to see the teeth for extraction. You don’t need to worry as our Thunder Bay dentist will use local anesthesia during the surgery.

Things to Do After Extraction

Oral care. After the removal of your wisdom teeth doesn’t rinse your mouth for one day. You may wash your mouth on the second day with warm salt-water.

Childrens Dentists Dental Clinic Thunder BayDiet. Don’t eat foods that may stick in between your teeth. Instead, you may consume easily swallowed food. For your drinks, you can take a lot, even refrigerated ones, as long as you don’t use straw as it can unclog the surgical area.

Pain. If the pain becomes unbearable, you may take the prescribed medicine for you. To prevent bleeding, you must avoid any heavy activity.

Swelling. You can apply an ice pack to reduce inflammation. 

Prevention is one of our vision to keep you from serious dental problems. So, wait no more and consult with us to regain your smile and healthy teeth.